Too Good to Be True | Forgiveness

Sermon Discussion Guide | These questions are based on teaching by Luke McGee (EL) and Bart Stone (WR) on April 16 (Easter), 2017.

What caught your attention in this message?

Tension | From your experience, what sounds too good to be true about forgiveness?

Theology | Read John 21:1-19. Based on what we know from Peter’s up-and-down past, what can we learn from his restoration in the passage?

Application | This morning we said, “God’s forgiveness covers your past and restores your future.” What does this mean to you, and what “next step” can you take from the teaching this morning?

Multiply Discussion Guide |  We are in week 10/15 in our first LifeGroup semester. Our reading & questions this week are from section 4, chapter 7, entitled: God’s Presence on Earth.

What caught your attention in this chapter?

  1. Why is the presence of God so important for humanity?
  2. Read Exodus 25:8–9 and 17–22. What is so significant about the tabernacle and the ark of the covenant?
  3. Read Exodus 33:1–6. What makes this such a devastating pronouncement for the Israelites?
  4. Consider God’s presence in your own life. How would you respond to the prospect of God’s blessing apart from God’s presence? Forget about how you “ought” to answer this, try to answer honestly.
  5. Read Exodus 33:7–23. What stands out to you about Moses’s response?
  6. As you think of the experiences Moses and Israel had with God, how might it affect the way you interact with God?
  7. Read 1 Kings 8:1–13 and 27–30. What does this passage reveal about God’s glory and the significance of God’s dwelling among His people?
  8. Read 1 Kings 9:1–9. What does God’s warning to Solomon teach us about what it means for God’s presence to dwell in the midst of His people?
  9. How does what you have studied thus far help you understand the significance of God becoming man in Jesus and of the church being identified as a dwelling place for God?
  10. Spend some time in prayer. Ask God to help you understand the signi cance of His presence on earth, and to help you live together with the other Christians in your life in a way that re ects His presence and glory in your midst.

Watch the video for this session – and download a free PDF of Multiply – at the Multiply Movement website. You can get there by clicking on this link:



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