Grit | Study

Sermon Discussion Guide | These questions are based on teaching by Bart Stone (EL) and Jeremy Gardner (WR) on May 7, 2017.

What caught your attention in this message?

Tension |This morning, we considered the importance and privilege of studying God’s Word. How has this been a difficult discipline for you in the past?

Theology | Read 2 Timothy 3. Paul is writing to Timothy to emphasize the importance of God’s Word. What can we learn about scripture in this chapter?

Application | What is your next step that you took from the teaching this morning?

Multiply Discussion Guide |  We are in week 13/15 in our first LifeGroup semester. This week and the next two weeks are open so that groups can catch up on their reading and discussion as needed.

Watch chapter-specific videos – and download a free PDF of Multiply – at the Multiply Movement website. You can get there by clicking on this link:



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