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Sermon Discussion Guide | These questions are based on teaching by Luke McGee (EL) and Jeremy Gardner (WR) on March 19, 2017.

What caught your attention in this message?

Tension | In this series, we have said: “this is the first generation of kids that doesn’t need adults for information; but they do need us for interpretation.” How does this truth shape the way older generations engage with this new generation?

Theology | Read Psalm 78:1-8. Based on this passage, how would you describe God’s plan for leading future generations?

Application | What was your “next step” that you took from the teaching this morning?

Multiply Discussion Guide |  We are in week 6/15 in our first LifeGroup semester. Our reading & questions this week are from section 4, chapter 3, entitled: God’s Covenant with Abraham.

What caught your attention in this chapter?

  1. Take some time to read and meditate on Genesis 12:1–9, 15:1–21, and 17:1–14. What stands out to you from reading the promises that God gave to Abraham?
  2. What does God’s covenant with Abraham reveal to us about God?
  3. What does God’s covenant with Abraham reveal about God’s plan of redemption?
  4. Consider the biblical pattern: people sin, people suffer the consequences, God redeems. How have you seen this pattern in your own life?
  5. In Genesis 15, God made it clear that His promises to Abraham were not dependent on Abraham. How should this affect the way we think about God’s plan of redemption?
  6. In your own words, explain why it is significant that God created a people for Himself. What did God want to accomplish through this “great nation” He promised to form?
  7. Consider God’s intentions to bless “all the nations” through His promise to Abraham. What implications does this have for the way we view the world today?
  8. Think about the ways that God has blessed you. How should these blessings be used to benefit the people around you?

  9. Read Romans 4. Why do you think the New Testament makes such a big deal about Abraham’s faith?

  10. How should Abraham’s faith affect the way you think about and relate to God?

  11. Spend some time in prayer. Ask God to increase your faith in Him. Ask Him to make you more consistently aware of His plan of redemption and the role He wants you to play in that.

Watch the video for this session – and download a free PDF of Multiply – at the Multiply Movement website. You can get there by clicking on this link:



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