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Sermon Discussion Guide | These questions are based on teaching by Jeremy Gardner (EL) and Seth Hoover (WR) on February 12, 2017.

What caught your attention in this message?

Tension | Is there anything you have noticed happening in the world around you that provokes you in the way Paul was provoked in Acts 17?

Theology | Read Acts 17:22-34. How do you see that this passage informs Momentum’s commitment to transform their communities with the Gospel?

Application | What was your “next step” that you took from the teaching this morning?

Multiply Discussion Guide |  We are in week 1/15 in our first LifeGroup semester. Our reading & questions this week are from section 3, chapter 1, entitled: Why Study the Bible?

What caught your attention in this chapter?

  1. When you pick up the Bible and begin to read it, what is motivating you? Are you driven by guilt? Do you have a desire to know God more fully? Are you looking for arguments against other perspectives? Are you looking for material for a Bible study or sermon? Take a few minutes to examine your motivations and write down a few thoughts.
  2. Take a minute to think about your past experience with studying the Bible. Which of the wrong motivations listed above are you guilty of? Can you think of any others?
  3. Take a minute to think though why God gave us the Bible. How should these things affect the way you think about studying the Bible?
  4. How do you tend to respond to the Bible’s teachings? Would you say you approach it humbly with a desire to change? How do you need to adjust your approach to studying the Bible?
  5. Rather than thinking about all the arrogant people you know, take a minute to consider whether or not your efforts in studying the Bible have simply puffed you up. How has studying the Bible changed you? Are you more arrogant, argumentative, or judgmental? Write down a few thoughts.
  6. Take a minute to meditate on 1 Peter 2:1-2. What would your life look like if you desired the Word as Peter described?
  7. Close this session by praying. Ask God to purify your heart with regard to Scripture. Ask him to produce in you a longing for the pure milk of the Word.

Watch the video for this session – and download a free PDF of Multiply – at the Multiply Movement website. You can get there by clicking on this link:



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