Next | A Family of Smaller Churches

These questions are based on teaching by Luke McGee (EL) and Jeremy Gardner (WR) on January 22, 2017.

What caught your attention in this message?

Tension | Some people feel church is for Christians. Others feel church is for non-Christians. According to the Bible, both are (at least partially) right. What are your feelings on this subject? How have your life experiences shaped your feelings?

Theology | Read Romans 12:1-13. How do you see that this passage informs Momentum’s commitment to be a family of smaller churches?

Application | For any person that participates in the rhythms of our church, we want them to be loved, to believe, and to belong. Do you perceive any of these – feeling loved, believing, feeling like you belong, loving others well – to be strengths or weaknesses for you right now?

In case you hadn’t heard: Our new semester of LifeGroups kicks off at Night of Connection on Sunday, January 29, at 4:30 pm. You can register for this event – and to be in a LifeGroup – by filling out this form.  Then our LifeGroup study for this semester – Multiply by Francis Chan – will start the week of February 12. You can download a free PDF version of the book from this link, or you can order a copy of this book through this form.


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